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At Ralos Kharafi National, we strive to drive down the costs of solar-generated electricity while ensuring our products perform reliably over their lifespan of 25 years or more. Our mission is to provide affordable, clean, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions through a cost structure competitive with traditional sources of energy.
Benefits of Solar Power Systems
Very low maintenance
  Apart from the cleaning of solar photovoltaic modules in a dusty environment and the occasional replacement of micro components, there are hardly any maintenance or servicing costs for a photovoltaic plant over the entire system lifetime.
Competitive with fossil power sources
  Assuming a moderate increase in electricity prices, photovoltaic plants are increasingly approaching the prime costs of conventional power generation. This is already the case now in some developing countries and high solar radiation regions in southern Europe.
Fast to build
  In comparison with conventional power plants, a large-scale plant can be energized very quickly through efficient planning and standardized construction processes, not to mention the appointment of proven, well-coordinated partners and suppliers and the high degree of system standardization.
The Sun is Free
  Solar “fuel”, or the Sun, will remain free while costs of coal, natural gas and oil will continue to rise and fluctuate in volatile markets.
100 % scalable and modular
  In addition to being adaptable to local circumstances, solar power stations are also scalable in size. Combined with a modular design, solar plants are the most flexible form of power plant.
Large Carbon Reduction
  Every MWp of installed solar photovoltaic power in a sunny place saves up to 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.
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