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As a commercial or residential property owner, your motivation to install a solar photovoltaic system on your roof is often a blend of many considerations including:
Achieving a high return on investment Reducing your carbon footprint Having more control over your own energy consumption
Our systems deliver the power you expect, guaranteeing a return on your investment through either a reduction in your electricity bill or a government-backed feed-in-tariff (FiT).
Four Steps to a Turnkey Solar Power System
Inspection of the Roof
  First, we visit the proposed site for the solar power installation to ascertain structural and other details. We clarify all legal issues, such as ownership relationships, entry of easements in the land register, local regulations, and find out which approvals will be needed.
Evaluation of Economic Viability
  We prepare a quotation for an appropriately sized solar system (in kWp) and work out a price for the project. This is based on an in-depth evaluation of the system's profitability derived from our solar radiation and yield projections.
Design and Engineering
  We plan the technical aspects of the solar power plant, including selecting and planning the electrical wiring of modules and inverters. At this stage, we submit an application to supply electricity to the local energy provider.
Erection and Commissioning
  We carry out the erection and turnkey completion of the system. Once the PV system has been installed, it is inspected and energized. The power system is connected to the grid and handed over to the customer complete and fully operational. We will also handle monitoring and maintenance of the system when it is up and running.
Solar Power Systems
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