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The Cause
The sun is potentially a major source of damage to the earth. Rising temperatures and water levels would cause a natural imbalance, affecting life as we know it. The sun is also our potential savior. Its enormous power can produce electricity without harmful carbon emissions or by-products. This is especially true of the Middle East, where intense sunlight produces up to three times the power output harnessed in colder climates.A recent initiave in Abu Dhabi recognised this. It’s a testament to Abu Dhabi that it’s adopted the potential of Solar Power, despite being part of the world’s greatest oil producing region. In June 2010 David Scott of the UAE Executive Affairs Authority announced a project to use rooftop solar-energy to generate 500MW of power. This plan will generate 1,500MW of electricity from renewable resources by 2020, 7% of total demand. To meet this requirement Ralos Zala Energy FZ LLC, the MENA subsidiary of Ralos New Energies AG - Germany’s leading solar photovoltaic (PV) systems integrator and Kharafi National W.L.L. - the Gulf’s foremost Infrastructure Project Developer - have joined to develop, build and operate medium- to large-scale solar photovoltaic systems, both on roofs and ground-mounted.
The Elements

Ralos was founded in 2001 and is one of Europe’s top 5 PV system integrators. It has a solid track record of 300MW of capacity installed, and over 2,000 projects completed.Since it was established in 1976, Kharafi National has developed into a world‐class Infrastructure Project Developer, Contractor and Facilities Management Service Provider, across a wide range of challenging projects. Kharafi National today has an annual turnover of US$1 billion and a workforce of over 27,000.


The Effect
Ralos Kharafi National offers complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solutions and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services over the entire life of the solar PV system.The services‐structure starts from sourcing system components to project engineering design, construction, commissioning, performance monitoring, and system maintenance (incl. cleaning).The Quality and reliability of the solar PV systems and superior operation and maintenance ensures maximum power output for every solar system we build.
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